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New Script Trigger - OnLastWindowClose

Question asked by itraining on Apr 5, 2012
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G'day everyone


Taking my first look at FMPA12.


New Script Trigger:

Massive (arms out in a kind of "I want to hug you") thank you, to FMI for the new OnLastWindowClose script trigger (File: File Options...).

Finally a simple way to prevent users accidentally closing the database when they close the last window.

If I had $1 for every time a user has requested this funtionality, I would be $3,867 richer (or thereabouts).


WAN speed:

My last couple of clients have been 3 person companies with each user in a different State or Country. Hosting the databases in the USA and clients accessing them over the WAN works but speed is a major issue. The webinar mentioned speed increases. Can anyone provide evidence of real world speed increases using FMS12 and FMP12? Is it a lot faster or only marginally faster?



The "Meetings" starter solution demonstrates the layout theme and objects stretching and resizing as the window is resized in browse mode. The new layout I created, the Theme does not stretch/resize and I cannot find it in Help. How do I turn on the theme stretch/resize attribute?


Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)