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    How to know data has loaded


      I have international users in accessing a moderately complex layout with 4 portals, maybe 12 relationships. It's a simple structure where the users can select a different entity and changing the value in the global changes the records on view.


      However, the network lag makes it confusing for them to see the data update when they make a new selection.


      Question: What's the best way to know when the data is finished loading to the FM client?


      I want to throw up a please wait message, Freeze window, and then set the fields which establish the relationship. And not refresh until I know that all the data has been received by the client. I thought of using GetNthRecord to set a variable, and then setting the refresh after that, assuming that it wouldn't go to the next step until it hadn't actually received the data. I haven't had to deploy a solution so far before so I didn't realize I didn't know how to test for that condition.



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          Stephen Huston

          You might try something like a Refresh Window script step followed by a 1 second pause script before doing whatever you want to indicate  loading is done. The pause should not execute until the Refresh is complete, but be aware that I have not used it for testing window refresh steps specifically (though I have used it to assure that other script steps  completed).


          If these users will be using WAN connections, this could be really slow. If they will be using Web Publishing access, then a refresh probably can't be triggered for the script described above.


          How are your "international" clients  connecting to your served files?

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            They are on a WAN. As currently structured it looks like it's taking about 3-5 seconds between the time the selection is made and when the screen draws the new data. They can tolerate the wait if I give good feedback about what's happening. Otherwise, web is probably my best option.