Thoughts on UUID

Discussion created by MicheleOlson on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by mr____

The new function in FM12 Get(UUID) seems like a real boon, especially for those deployments that will be both desktop and idevice.


I am at the start of a small system, building it from scratch in FM12.


My thought is to use the UUID as the key field for a record, since it is my understanding that it would be absolutely, totally unique.


I am looking for opinions about using a calculation field for this primary key vs using an autoentered calc for the key.


The reason I ask is that I often use a technique for creating child records that *pushes* the creation by matching a global field in the parent [null value] with the key field in the child. This does not seem to work if the key field in child is a calculation; it does if the key field is an auto-entered calc.


Your opinions are appreciated.