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Selecting records for Value Lists

Question asked by jweems on Apr 5, 2012

My Problem is selecting records to use in a value list based on criteria. I can't figure where to enter the match criteria.

I'm new to Filemaker and am struggling a little converting sql select statements to "finds" etc.


I know I must be really missing something basic and hope someone could point me in the right direction.


Value List: Functions need authorizing: (This is a straight values list of say 4 choices to keep it simple)



Business Register


Table: Names

Name: text

Authorized - text - check boxes (from basic value list) multiples allowed

Table::Names - Records

Name Authorized

John: Notary Counter Business Register Apostille

Sally Notary Counter Business Register Apostille

Table:: Notary Acts - Recording Notarial transactions

Records: Date, customer type of notary, Name of authorizer

So I have a layout that I Record Notary Acts and a different one that records Apostille acts and they are in different tables. What they do have in common is they list of names available to select.

On each layout I want to only see a drop-down values list of names that are authorized to perform the function of the layout. In other words I don't want to see names that aren't authorized to do Notary if I'm on the Notary Layout.

Of course as people certify or decertify the list of names will change.

In SQL this is a Where Clause

Where Authorized contains "Notary" - I know not the right syntax.

But when I try to create a value list from a field I can't set the where = "Notary" part..... to only pull the records I want into the value list.

I really hope someone can set me straight.