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    Record get corrupted


      Hi All,


      Thanks in advance.


      I have a multi-file Filemaker application.

      In one particular file ,there is a Specific table which has a single record.Through some process which i havent determined, this particular file is getting damaged and this single record is getting corrupt.

      All the fields display a question mark.


      The Filemaker version is Filemaker Server 11 and the Client has Filemaker 9.

      Any idea as to why this is happening?




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          IIRC some versions of FMP 9 had index corruption issues. Make sure the client is updated to the last patch version, or even better get them onto FMP 10 or 11.

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            reshma wrote:

            Any idea as to why this is happening?


            In addition to Vaughan's suggestions, you might also want to perform a recover procedure on the file in question - *not* so you can use the recovered file, but in order to be able to look at the recover log and see if it sheds any light on what is happening. I'd also suggest exporting the contents of the record that's presenting problems and examinig it in a text editor, in case there is anything ideosyncratic there.


            If you haven't already done so, it would be worth locating a pristine original copy of the file and cloning it, then importing the data from the recovered copy of file into the clone and using that.





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