Record locking

Discussion created by pantarhei on Apr 6, 2012
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As a very new FM Go user, I was somewhat astonished this morning (GMT +2) when both photos and voice recordings appeared in my hosting machine, with the same record open.


Further testing showed that any change took effect both ways, in FMP 11 and 12.


Having only one even reasonably current FMP-licence, I can't test the situation with desktop machines (can't be bothered installing FMP 6 for which I have 3 licences.)


Now: there are situations when record locking is not a good thing, but few and far between. In fact, in my current project the described situation may well be beneficial: the field crew member can send data to the guy or gal sitting in the office with all the paperwork at hand. Ideally there'd be a (scriptable) setting/preference for this.


Am I once again missing something? (I'm actually at FMP 6 level still!)