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    SeedCode's Free Calendar: New for FileMaker 12


      Rewritten for FileMaker 12


      We’re thrilled to announce our new Free Calendar Template for FileMaker 12. This is a free, unlocked calendar interface you can paste into your own solutions. It's a great introduction to our Pro Calendar (coming soon to FM12) and may be all the calendar some folks need.


      We’ve rewritten the free calendar to take advantage of some of the new things in FileMaker 12, including the new look and feel, but perhaps most importantly, the new ExecuteSQL function.




      This makes the new calendar simpler, less dependent on context, and easier to integrate. Checkout this short introduction demonstrating how this new SQL stuff makes things simpler:



      More on ExecuteSQL


      We've started a small series of articles on what we think are the most important changes in FileMaker 12. The first of these is the ExecuteSQL function; check out our blog to learn why this is such a big deal for FileMaker 12.


      FileMaker 12 Compatibility


      All SeedCode products are now FileMaker 12 compatibile. Visit our FileMaker 12 Readiness page to see if you need to do anything to your existing SeedCode solutions, or if they'll just convert without any issues. (Most solutions convert seamlessly, but you'll need new installers for Zulu and will need to make a couple script changes to GoZync. More here.)




      - John


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