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    OnObjectEnter Script Trigger


      Forgive me if this is redundant- I found a few discussions on this but haven't figured how to pull up complete threads in this forum.


      I'm building a confirm dialog that will trigger from OnObjectModify that asks the user if they want to commit to change the value of a field. (From Job, to Shipped, to Billed for example).


      I was expecting that I could grab the current value of the field with OnObjectEnter to set a global variable that I could use in the confirm dialog script to return the field to the prior value if cancelled- that is


      OnObjectEnter set variable $$current to FieldValue


      and enabling OnObjectModify in the same pull down that would run script


      If lastMessageChoice = 2


      set field to $$current




      exit script


      end if


      I'm getting mixed results - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.


      Not sure at all what the deal is. Why work sometimes and not always? Or am I using the wrong tool.


      Appreciate the help- TIA!



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