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    GPS Location Function


      The get GPS Location is very cool for Iphone and Ipad. It took alot of trial and error with the accuracy vs timeout to get it to perform the way I wanted it too. I was hoping they would add this function and they did, good job filemaker.

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          Pity photos taken with an iPad into FileMaker Go don't have this information. That'd be really cool: to show photo locations with Google Maps with a database.

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            I'm having tons of trouble...


            I get the lat-lon-alt-accuracy via LocationValues ()...


            however, I cannot get it to update on a schedule via a script... like when staff is walking to an asset, I'd like to keep them on track every 12-30 seconds.  I have the map and show the closing distance on the map (assuming internet service for google map).


            What did you end up using as the 2 variables for the Location () ?