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    FM12 bug adding fields to tabs


      There seems to be a bug on FM12 when you add a field to an inner tab and then position it with the Inspector. The field shows both on the front tab and the tab you put it on. You can overcome this though by not using the inspector and dragging the tool with the mouse to where you want it.


      Graham Adams


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          Stephen Huston

          What happens if you position it with the Inspector, but then use the arrow keys to move it back and forth a pixel or two? Does that work as if you maually moved it?


          Sounds like a problem, so hoping this may be a work-around. I can't imagine not being able to use Inspector for positioning!

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            It doesn't seem to happen every time, and I haven't worked out why sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't. Dragging with the mouse is not too bad though as you can now see the x and y positions.

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              I'm not able to reproduce this. I created a new database with 3 fields, and then added a tab control to the form layout and created 3 tabs. I switched to Tab 2 and added Field 1 by dragging it into the center of the tab using the field tool. I then used the Inspector to move the field closer to the left and top edges of the tab control.


              Does this match the process you used? How close to the edge of the tab control were you attempting to place the field? Thanks for further details.

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                Not exactly. I copied and pasted an existing group of fields and then positioned them with the inspector and renamed them. It happened about 4 or 5 times, however now I can't seem to repeat it. I was not outside of the boundaries of the tab in case you were wondering if it was that.


                I also think I may haver hit another possible small bug. In a script when I used the go to record/request/page using a calculated variable. It did not seem to work. If I left the perform without dialog tic box off it still did not work but did asked me as usual if I wanted to go to that record, I got round it by inserting an actual record number in, and using an If and else if in conjunction with the variable. This was ok as this database will only have 8 records.

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                  Hi gladams,


                  What you're experiencing is actually the byproduct of a new feature.  In FM past, any object moved onto a tab became a member (or child) of that tab.  With FM 12, if you place an object onto a tab via the inspector or via paste, it does not imply that the object is a child of the tab, only that it is floating on "top" of the tab.  Therefore, it you click onto other tabs, the object will show on all tabs because it's not technically "on" that tab.


                  However, you can explicitly make the object a child of the tab by select it and moving it a pixel or two in any direction and then move it back after you paste it or put it in place via the inspector.  Also, as suggested above, by using the arrow keys to bump the object in any direction, then bump it back tells FileMaker that you are explicitly putting the object under the umbrella of the tab object.



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                    Stephen Huston

                    Hi lh,


                    Interesting discovery -- it seems we can actually place an object stacked to float above the surface of a tab object so it remains in position regardless of the tab selected behind it. As long we do ALL of our positioning of it with the Inspector positioning tools.


                    Not sure when that will come in handy, but it's something new we couldn't do before - whether we wanted to or not. It had never even ocurred to me to try...


                    I can't help but think this was not intentional, as it's hard to image wanting this option as a default when using Inspector.


                    Stephen Huston

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                      Thanks Ih for solving the mystery. I was beginning to think I had imaged it when I couldn't repeat it. I have got a feeling it only works for the first few fields pasted and positioned, as once I had put a certain number of fields on a tab it does it no more.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Or you went in a repositioned them after you had several on the tab. Any moving of them -- after they were first floated onto the tab via Inspector -- does lock them to the specific tab.


                        To keep a group of them floating, one might reposition them off-tab as wanted, then select the entire group and use the inspector to move them back over a tab. (I haven't tried it with a group, but that's what I'd expect after fiddling with a single field repeatedly to make it float, lock it, and refloat it over the tab.)