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Using new container fields to download a file from the web and run it

Question asked by gladams on Apr 6, 2012

I have written a script to download PowerPoint presentations to an external link to an FMP12 container field. It works perfectly but it is not very neat and I'm sure there must be a better way. If the container field is empty then based on a calculation for that record a PowerPoint precsentation file (PPS file) is downloaded using the external storage so it is not stored in the FileMaker file itself. This works fine, but my problem has been how to automatically run it after downloading, or when going to the tab containing that presentation. The only way I have got it to do this is to export it to itself with the automatic run box ticked. This means it overwrites itself each time you enter the tab. It does work fine, but does anybody know how to automatically run the file without using a plug in or overwriting?


Graham Adams


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