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    FileMaker 12 Conversion.Log: observations

    Stephen Huston

      Just passing along some info from my analysis of a big conversion to FMP12:


      28 files converted as a batch, one entire server directory of FP7 files, total of 11 GIGs due to one graphics storage file. This was a backup set from our live server.


      Conversion took 30 minutes on a 2-yr old iMac 10.6.8


      The Conversion.Log file was 4960 lines long. I renamed the log as a .tab file and imported it into FileMaker 12 to test individual line values.


      All lines showed Error = 0 (yea!)


      Indexing was rebuilt for all indexed fields, 1781 instances in these 28 files.


      Reindexing messages reported differences between original and final index values on 17 lines, but just different fields. Some of those 10 fields showed changes in both the value index and word index for the same field. Only 3 of the 28 files had changed indices after conversion, but one of the appears to have completely rebuilt a faulty index because the difference reported on one field was 9765 value index changes, and 9704 word index changes.

      • That file/field will get looked at closely before we do the final conversion on the working copies sometime down the road.


      The message on 183 lines was "Recovering field..." which was followed by reindexing on that field. Don't yet know what caused recovering of field or exactly what it implies about the prior state of the field. This happened to one or more fields, but not all fields, in 24 of the 28 files.

      • Would love to know what that indicates.


      The graphics storage file was the same size immediately after conversion as before: 9.82 GB exactly.


      The File Format line for 25 of the 28 files was: Product version: '8.0', File Format version: '7'

      • Those 25 files had been converted from FM6 directly to FM8 (not 7 apparently, before my time on this project)

      2 files built with FMPA 10 showed: Product version: '10.0', File Format version: '7'

      and the real surprise was the one file added from scratch in FM11, which read: Product version: '11.0', File Format version: '11'


      That's it for the moment.


      Stephen Huston

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          A very encouraging report. 


          If I remember correctly,  11 made some minor changes to functions and script trigger names.   It didn't prevent you from opening the file in 10,  but it was ever so slightly different.  That may account for the Version 11.  It will require someone with a lot more knowledge of FileMaker Internals then I to be definitive on this.



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            Stephen Huston

            An additional note on the lines which start with "Recovering..."


            There appears to be  a Recovering in about half of the lines of the log. It's the terminology used to describe the creation of the value lists, custom menus, scripts, data source lists, and most other stuff.


            In fact, the wording on Recovering with Field now appears to only occur when creating field catalogs for the various tables. (There appear to be 183 tables in these 28 files.)


            So maybe "Recover" isn't so worrisome in the context of this conversion log.

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              Stephen Huston

              I recalled that the file which showed 11 as the file format was not only created in FM11, but had also had access restricted to FM 11 or later. That appears to be what causes it to report out as a version 11 file.


              Of course, when I went looking for this option to check it in the converted file, I couldn't even locate where the option was set. That option became obsolete after the one-way conversion to 12! Duh...


              So that's making sense now, too.

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                Stephen Huston

                Another note on the length of my Conversion Log:


                1779 lines were recording the "recovering script" process for each script in the 28 files. It even logged a line for each script folder and script separator.


                When added to the 1781 field indexings, and all the lines for recovery/building of value list catalogs, field catalogs, etc, it's easy to see how nearly 5000 lines got logged during conversion of a larger system.


                Each file in the conversion has around 2-dozen lines devoted to Recovery and Rebuilding of various file catalogs, and some lines note that these catalogs within the files are now rewritten in a new format for  FMP12  as well.