Stephen Huston

Quick Charting can change file's schema: creates new fields

Discussion created by Stephen Huston on Apr 6, 2012

I just tested Quick Charting on a file which I knew lacked the summary fields needed for standard charting of the data in the table.


Quick Chart not only created the chart without me having to a field for summaries, IT CREATED THE FIELD IN THE SCHEMA!


So, if you leave this option available to users, what happens if they don't have schema-editing permission? Will it modify your data structure anyway?


That seems a very unwanted option. With Quick Charting enabled, users can bloat a table with fields by just experimenting with Quick Charting in Table View.


In fact, it doesn't even play nice when auto-naming the fields it creates, adding field with spaces in the field names... probably based on the labels chosen or defaulted-to in the chart Inspector.


At least it comments the field so you know how the surprise-fields got added to your table.


Stephen Huston