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Probably a simple problem

Question asked by mcgeo52 on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by mcgeo52

I am a newbie at FM.


Working in FM Pro 11 I have set up a database using two tables (Venues and Songs) imported from Bento.


The objective is to be able to create and review set list of what I have played at various venues, and when each song was played. I have all of this in the Bento database,but FM Pro will mke it easier to use.


I need to have a link table, Performances, between Venues and Songs since the relationship between Venues and Songs is many to many.


Everything is set up in the database I have attached.


The problem is that neither the pop up menu for Venue nor the drop down list for Song will populate.


Anybody care to help a newbie?