Server Side Plugins - They do what when?

Discussion created by BruceRobertson on Apr 7, 2012
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I realize that some plugins can be installed on FileMaker Server, and thus enable scheduled server-side scripts to take advantage of plugin features.


It is also my understanding that this can be helpful for FileMaker Go. You can post some data to the server, and if set up right, wait - hopefully briefly - for a scheduled server script to operate on the data and pass it back.


But that isn't my question.


As I understand it, some plugins enable standard FileMaker Pro clients to get the benefit of server side plugins.


Let's say this is FMS11 and I'm using one of the SQL plugins, and the plugin is server compatible.


A plugin-based command is issued.


If the plugin is installed on both sides then the server plugin will operate on the data and pass it back.

(Assuming a plugin written to support this operation)


If the plugin in only installed on the server, FMPro cannot issue the command because the calc will not resolve.


If the plugin is only installed on FMPro, the calc will resolve but more data has to be passed back and forth.


Is that how it works?


That is, IFF (If and only if) the plugin is installed on BOTH Pro and server, you can get the full benefit of server-capable plugins.