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    Server Side Plugins - They do what when?


      I realize that some plugins can be installed on FileMaker Server, and thus enable scheduled server-side scripts to take advantage of plugin features.


      It is also my understanding that this can be helpful for FileMaker Go. You can post some data to the server, and if set up right, wait - hopefully briefly - for a scheduled server script to operate on the data and pass it back.


      But that isn't my question.


      As I understand it, some plugins enable standard FileMaker Pro clients to get the benefit of server side plugins.


      Let's say this is FMS11 and I'm using one of the SQL plugins, and the plugin is server compatible.


      A plugin-based command is issued.


      If the plugin is installed on both sides then the server plugin will operate on the data and pass it back.

      (Assuming a plugin written to support this operation)


      If the plugin in only installed on the server, FMPro cannot issue the command because the calc will not resolve.


      If the plugin is only installed on FMPro, the calc will resolve but more data has to be passed back and forth.


      Is that how it works?


      That is, IFF (If and only if) the plugin is installed on BOTH Pro and server, you can get the full benefit of server-capable plugins.

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          Mike Duncan

          I can't think of any plugins that have server and pro versions that work in concert like you describe. Do you know of any that you have in mind, or are you speculating on how they would be used?


          In your scenario, it sounds like it would just add latency to pass a SQL command to the server, which then passes it along to another SQL backend get results then hand back to a Pro plugin... just adds one extra "hop".

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            Nevertheless that is how the benefits of server side plugins are advertised.


            I don't see how it adds a hop. You have to get the data from the server in the first place; and either you get all the data and then parse it at the client; or the server sends only the limited data that matches the query.

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              Server-side plugins are there for the purpose of allowing server-side scripts to use them (either by schedules or when called through the XML or PHP API).  FMP or its plugins are not involved at all here.


              FMS *can* evaulate certain field calcs server-side instead of having them performed at the client.  This scenario is the only one that comes close to what you describe.  And for that scenario you would indeed need to have the plugin both on the client and on the server.  In case FMS decides not to perform the calc before sending the data, the client will need to resolve the calc.


              If what you have in mind are scripts then you are out of luck, scripts are always done by the client (except in schedules and API calls).

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                Thanks very much for the clarification. It isn't so much what I have in mind. I am just trying to clarify a fine point about server-side plugin behavior.