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Opening Word and Excel docs from a Container Filed in FM12

Question asked by gjhansford on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by kaostika

I'm a self taught FM user from way back (first used ClarisWorks back in the 80's) and I'm currently in a role where I've build an enterprise soultion using FM11 Advanced running from a server to 30 plus users. I'm now exploring FM12 Advanced and the ability to drop media and PDF files into container fields and have them work is great, but droping Word and Excel files into the field doesn't result in a file I can open.


I use container fields to link documents to programs, contacts etc. For example in our Recruitment Portal, I have been linking candidates' resumes etc to their record. In FM11 I created a Insert File button to link a doc to a Container Field named 'Document' and added a Go to Field script directly to the Container field with the Select/perform option chosen. This meant that when I clicked on the container field the linked document opened. To make it look 'right' I have a 'Document_Name' field that calculates the file name using Substitute (Document;"file:" ; "" ), place this field over the 'Document' field, and set it's format as blue text, underlined so it looks like a link.


However to actually link a doc to the field is a bit painful for our HR team. First the Word doc had to be saved onto our server (usually from an email attachment), then the file had to be linked to the candidate through the above process. So imagine my excitement when I discovered that FM12 will allow us to drag and drop the email attachment directly into the candidate's 'Document' field. So I converted a copy of our solution to FM12, and found that it works! Well ... not quite.


While I can drop a Word file into the field and it looks the same, the file won't open. I've tried playing with the new options for the container field, setting the container field up to store container data extenally and also not, I've also played with the options for the container field in the Inspector (making it Interactive) and even removed the Go to Filed script from the contained field and made it a separate button, but nothing seems to make the dropped Word doc open.


I know it's early days with FM 12, but does anyone have any thoughts? My guess it has someting to do with where FM12 'stores' the file that's in the contained field. BTW, the old FM11 system of Insert File and Go to Field still works.