FMPA 12 question - Speed of development

Discussion created by Hans on Apr 7, 2012

What's your experiences with "speed of development" since FMPA 8.5? If you say that FMPA 11 has an index 100 in "speed of development" how would you rate vers 8.5 and 12 to vers 11?


Index 90 would mean that it is 10% faster than vers 11. Index 120 would mean that its 20% slower.


I'm only interested in FMPA vers 8,5 (or 8), 11 and 12. I know theres big differences between the versions so it's just the "feeling" of developing: modifing scripts using the debugger, finding scripts in general, adding fields, changing layouts, copying/dublicating scripts, aligning objects, modifing table-structure, changing tabs, insert help-text etc?