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Save PDF from URL FM Go 12

Question asked by oldie on Apr 7, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by oldie

I wrote a parser for the Pubmed database and tried to insert a PDF file in a container field with the "Insert from URL" script step. It works fine on the Windows 7 desktop (read, scroll zoom etc.). In FM Go it seems also to be o.K. The container field shows a preview from the PDF. But if I want to open the file for reading an error occurs --> File "?" could not opened. File not found. The same behavior with the send with email function. But no problem with the export function, I can export the PDF to the FM Go file browser and read it. I used also the dialog option to see if the file name is right.



Here is the script (for testing I used the source of a web viewer):


Variable setzen [ $Quelle_Viewer; Wert :LiesLayoutobjektAttribut ("viewer" ; "Quelle" ) ]

Aus URL einfügen [Auswahl; Bibliografie::Medienfeld ; $Quelle_viewer]


Am I wrong or is there a bug?


Thanks for help.