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    Import & Find Script Steps Don't Work After Ver 12 Conversion


      I am seeing a major problem with the solution files I converted for FMP 12. Scripts with stored finds and import criteria are not getting the correct results. There was no indication that anything went wrong at the time of the conversion.


      One script step that imports data form an Excel spreadsheet to a FMP table imported 1,777 records (the file had only 95 rows in it). Scripts steps that were supposed to find and delete unwanted records from the set imported deleted all records instead.Running the script in Script Debugger, testing each part individually, revealed that none of the finds were yielding any records, so the steps to delete the found set was simply deleting all records.


      Manually importing the same spreadsheet worked correctly. Manually searching and deleting each set of records worked. Individually replacing the script steps that didn't work produced a set of records more consistent with what I expected to find. But it also included records that should have been deleted.


      Next step: Build the whole script again, from scratch.


      Next steps: Build every script in the solution again, from scratch because who knows what else is wrong with this stuff.


      I thought this is just the sort of thing that FMI was trying to avoid with this release.

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          Stephen Huston

          Were you trapping for any errors on import, or testing for found record count before invoking the delete  found records step?


          Can you post your script for troubleshooting?

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            No errors messages of any kind on imports. Find script steps simply say no records found matching that criteria and ask if I want to modify the find.


            Built a new version of the script from scratch. Copied the import and find criteria exactly. (This all worked in FMP 11, by the way, before the import). Tried it and it works. Ran it about half a dozen times and always came up with the correct result.


            Best Guess - script became corrupted in the conversion process. If that's the case, anything can go wrong with this and I am not sure that FMP 12 will be safe to use. Or, at least not to use for conversions. My clients will never go for this. Some of them are still smarting from all the problems that occurred when converting from ver 6 to 7. What a nightmare!

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              it could be also some inconsistency i experienced in fm11 where suddenlty without any conversion to fm12 by applying the maintenance routine of creating a compressed copy shifted some scripts to be evoked by keyboard short cuts command-<<Num>> calling the script listed after the one supposted to be evoked.


              in other words: script #7 evoked by command 1 has been called after creating a compressed copy instead of the intended with checkbox marked script  #6.


              so did you do anything like creating a compressed copy before conversion?

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                Yes, I actually did. I wanted to see if compressing the file would improve the performance. Are you saying that the original file was affected (not the compressed copy)? I have to say that I do this all the time in FileMaker 11 and earlier versions and I have never seen the problem you mentioned.


                That said, the problem I am experiencing seems to be with the corruption of a script - or, more precisely, a script step.I just fixed another one. I took a script step off a copy of a build I did yesterday, from the backup drive. I had done a lot of work on the script today and didn't want to re-write the whole thing from scratch. So, I copied the Find step (with the correct criteria), put it in the misfiring script, disabled the Find step that wasn't working, and it worked fine. I can open both of them and see that the criteria is the same. One works, the other doesn't. Both were written in version 12 (not imported from version 11).


                I am not sure exactly when I made the compressed copy, but it definitely wasn't on the build I did yesterday, so the working script step came from file that I am absolutely sure was never copied compressed.

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                  I wonder if you tried compressing the file in FMP11 before you convert it to FMP12 format might affect the outcome? At any rate, just want to let you all know that Product Management, Engineering, and QA are reviewing all the new/unique reports we receive on these issues. That said, please remember that the Developer Community is not the correct venue to report product bugs/issues/feedback. Those types of reports should go to our .


                  Our support organization monitors these reports and funnels those that have not already been reported to Product Management, Engineering, and QA. To create a report, just follow the bookmark above, and then from the FileMaker drop-down, select your preferred language. Once in the support forum, look for the Product Feedback & Bug Reports panel and click the link for the type of report you want to submit; either Product feedback (feature requests), or Report an issue (bug reports):


                  Example files that can reproduce the problem you're reporting are always helpful too. Thanks for helping us isolate these issues.




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                    I have compressed the file in ver 11, many times, and have never seen any adverse effects. However, I did no not assign scripts to keyboard shortcuts, another user who mentioned this problem stated.