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Import & Find Script Steps Don't Work After Ver 12 Conversion

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by AllegroDataSolutions

I am seeing a major problem with the solution files I converted for FMP 12. Scripts with stored finds and import criteria are not getting the correct results. There was no indication that anything went wrong at the time of the conversion.


One script step that imports data form an Excel spreadsheet to a FMP table imported 1,777 records (the file had only 95 rows in it). Scripts steps that were supposed to find and delete unwanted records from the set imported deleted all records instead.Running the script in Script Debugger, testing each part individually, revealed that none of the finds were yielding any records, so the steps to delete the found set was simply deleting all records.


Manually importing the same spreadsheet worked correctly. Manually searching and deleting each set of records worked. Individually replacing the script steps that didn't work produced a set of records more consistent with what I expected to find. But it also included records that should have been deleted.


Next step: Build the whole script again, from scratch.


Next steps: Build every script in the solution again, from scratch because who knows what else is wrong with this stuff.


I thought this is just the sort of thing that FMI was trying to avoid with this release.