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FMS 12 and WAN disconnects

Question asked by SteveSt-Laurent on Apr 8, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by fmpvince

I'm connecting to FMS 12 and, yes, FMS 6, on a network. The servers are running on separate machines with port forwarding used to steer everything to the correct machines.


The old FMS 6, running on a lowly eMac, provides a rock-solid connection for days at a time. The spanking new FMS 12, running on a Mac mini server model, disconnects every few hours.


I've checked the usual stuff: the idle client disconnect setting in the admin console and the energy saver settings on the computer itself. Is there something else I'm overlooking.


My experience with FMS and WAN connections has usually been quite good, and version 12 seems a fair bit faster, but the disconnects are annoying.