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Impossible to Print Continuous Form Labels in FM12?

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by AllegroDataSolutions

Less than one week after spending an entire day contacting all my current clients, telling them they should upgrade to ver 12, and answering their questions about it, I have to contact all of them again -- including two clients with new databases that I started building in 12 -- not to upgrade or start using it yet.


The first reason is the performance and installation issues for those who are using OSX Lion (detailed in other posts in this forum). The second is the label probem, described below.


For years, I have been developing solutions that, among other things, print to Dymo LabelWriter printers. The solution that I built for myself (which I use to run my development business) also does so. While the converstion reported no errors and I didn't see any obvious problems, when I tried to print labels for a found set of records in my solution this morning, I got a cryptic error message that there was a problem with my label layout (which I have used, unchanged, at least once or twice per week, for the entire lifespan of FM 11 without a problem).


I gather FMP didn't like my margins. The dialog directed me to either change the size of the text field, the page margins or "turn off columns" on the layout. Unfortunately, none of these changes - individually or in any combination - would work. The label printer always does the same thing, cutting off text and skipping labels, in exactly the same way, regardless of the page setup parameters. When I look at the layout in preview mode, I see a shaded border on the top and on the right of the screen - which I cannot get rid of. (I don't use a header or footer on this layout.)


In frustration, I built a new label layout. My first surprise was that FMP 12 does not appear to offer "labels" - continuous form or otherwise - as an option for layout setup. If I make a normal page and size it to the labels, using the length and width specified on the Dymo label box, it produces the exact same problems as my old layout. If I turn on the columns feature (1 column) I get the same error dialog mentioned above. It appears even though the script the prints my labels uses the error capture setting to supress stuff like this. It hardly seems to matter, as FMP won't print the labels properly, whether columns are on or off.


You would think that, with all the time they took for this release, someone would have tested these features before they let the product out the door.