“12 Days of FileMaker 12” - Week 1

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“12 Days of FileMaker 12” - Week 1


FM Academy, a collaboration of leading FileMaker development and training companies, is proud to announce the 12 Days of FileMaker 12 webinar series. Each Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks the Academy will host a 60-minute webinar on a new feature of the FileMaker 12 product line. This week features:



Webinar 1: Layout Design Surface. When designing new modules or systems, one bottleneck to the turnaround time involves the development of Interfaces.  The layout design surface of FileMaker Pro 12 has given us tools to streamline interface development, revamped layout themes, and give the Inspector additional control of objects. Join us as we explore and look at examples of these new layout design tools.


Sameer Khan is the presenter. He is a FileMaker 9-11 Certified Developer and Authorized Trainer employed by Anvil Dataworks, a development firm outside of Washington DC. He has been working with FileMaker for over 8 years. His students say that he is an interesting person and a knowledgeable teacher.  Follow Sameer on Twitter @dcfilemaker and read his blog posts at



Webinar 2: Charting Enhancements. A picture is worth a thousand words; a chart is worth 10,000 records.  In version 11, FileMaker introduced the ability to chart your data natively.  In version 12 this has been dramatically enhanced. In this talk we will review the changes made in the charting engine of FileMaker.  Using real solutions, I will show how the presentation of the existing charts has been enhanced.  In addition, we will review the new chart types and under what scenarios they would be useful.


Dr. Jerry Salem is the presenter. He began his career in technology as a computer science major, eventually moving to the biological sciences where he earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry. During that time he published papers on malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS. He holds a U.S. patent and has spoken internationally on numerous topics. As a researcher, Jerry learned computer networking, web design, and FileMaker. He has worked in various technology fields developing a number of solutions, including electronic medical records software and complex systems for many businesses and organizations.  Along the way he has mastered standard SQL tools and a variety of other technologies. Since 2007, Jerry has worked at IT Solutions, a Platinum level member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Among his accomplishments since joining ITS are certification in FileMaker versions 8 through 11 and frequent contributions to the Philly FileMaker User Group.


Free registration for the complete series schedule is available immediately at <>. Once you register for the series, you will receive email reminders for each session. The only thing you need to attend is a computer, iOS or Android device and a WiFi connection.


About FM Academy

FM Academy is a consortium of seven FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum companies. Our goal is to educate FileMaker users and developers, encourage best practices, and foster adoption of the FileMaker platform. The members of FM Academy are 360Works, Anvil Dataworks, Fiddlehead Software, IT Solutions, KyoLogic, MightyData and Skeleton Key.


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