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    import script to bypass login


      I have a startup script that needs to automatically import data from regional .fp7 files into a state database. The logic works fine but requires a login for each of the imports. How can I easily bypass the login step? I created an identical account in each file, but it doesn't work with import. Is there a simple circumvention to this problem? I've seen similar questions but not a viable solution. I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.


      Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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          If you are logged in to the main file with the credentials used by each of the import files, this may work (I haven't tested)


          Have your import script "open" the file first before the import step.  It should attempt to open with the current credentials.  Then import.

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            Stephen Huston

            To avoid login dialogs, the source files need to forced open automatically in the background rather than opened  by calling the import. If they are open with the same account before the script  runs, that might bypass separate logins.


            The simplest way to force the source file(s) open is to reference them via relationships (Cartesian joins work) by placing a field from the related source file on a layout which is exposed before import is called during opening.


            However, if the source file(s) are remote, this auto-loading of data may be very S-L-O-W, and you would probably be better off handling the manual logins. That is also true if there are multiple source files which would each need their own relationship and field instances.

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              Thanks, this works. It's a little slow, but works.

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                Thank you, opening the files first works.  And you're right, it's a bit slow; but until FileMaker allows you to import from a closed file or I have time for a different approach, this works for me.