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Inaccurate Related Record Search – Web Publishing

Question asked by waldrontpw on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by waldrontpw

I have a data base I've used for years, but recently my login script to find related records for account users provides unrelated records to these users (not good). To fix the problem I have to ask the user to delete their browser history and log back into the database. I have tried adding a step script to refresh the data records, but this script either does not work or have any affect.


How can I force a fresh view of the database for each user at login?


I use FileMaker Pro 11 and publish to a FileMaker 11 Advanced Server using web publishing.

This is a grade card database that is used by teachers to enter grades and print report cards. I link attendance, demographic, and class rosters to my school district’s SQL student management program (OBDC). I also do scheduled scripts to update local tables to keep current with new students and those who have left the school district.