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    FM12 Sub-Summary not reducing


      Sub-Summary parts do not seem to be reducing size when set in Sliding... The field seems to shrink, but not the part. Worked fine in FM11. This is a big problem for report layouts.

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          I had a similar problem.  The body would reduce for all records except the last record.  I resolved this by setting everything in the sub-summary to slide up.  Not sure why this worked but it did.  I did not have to do this in FM 11.

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            Might be because of the change from pixels to points. I had a few layouts like invoices with external tables that reduced perfectly in FM 10-11 but not at all in FM 12. After moving stuff around I realised that I had small objects that were the perfect size in pixels to allow resizing but after conversion those object seemed to be 1 pt to big.