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    Container refresh speed


      Just downloaded FMP12 and converted a large application. I was very pleased to see stacked column and bar charts since this was a much used feature in the original app in Lotus Approach. THe problem I am seeing is that container fields (mine all contain photos) display far slower than before. Before the images would appear almost as fast as I clicked through the records. Now there is at least a 1 to 2 second wait which is very unnaceptable. Any help would be appreciated. I can run both FMP11 and 12 versions side by side and the speed differential is appaling.



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          Stephen Huston

          Container storage management has changed with 12.


          My suspicion is that you need to test the settings in File > Manage > Containers

          to optimize how thumbnails are being handled.


          Yes, this should be a bit more straight forward, but the new options do give a lot of power and control. It will be unfortunate if ignoring the new settings makes a solution slower.


          I reset one container of stored thumbnails, and they were optimized to 4K each, with faster-than-11 display of the thumbnails.


          Am not done testing Container controls yet, and have hit some bumps in learning them, but it seems worth the effort to actually improve over what 11 could do.

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            Hi DV,


            Are your images embedded or stored by ref?


            I have one system available to me today which is a photolibrary with approx 20k images.  In that case, all pics are stored by ref, and the actual sharedrive is 'out there on the network', while my v12 converted file is on a local workstation.  No speed issues at all as I click through records in form view, where the container field covers approx 1/6 of the window.


            I have other solutions available (but not today) that are very 'image driven' and use embedded pics, capped at 300kb.  Some of those files have 5 - 15k records.  I haven't yet spent much time looking at v12 conversions on those, but the initial impression is that clicking through records in Form view is fine and also compiling reports (list view) is brisk.  Note:  in that case, most Form layouts include portals, that include thumbnails and even those don't seem to be 'stressy'.


            The variable 'speed' experiences are baffling and it'll be great to work out what's contributing to the bottlenecks, and for some, the file bloating.


            All the best,

            Mardi Kennedy

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              Thanks to all for the suggestions. It appears that containers need to be accessed record by record after conversion. Once I did that the images displayed as fast as in FMPA11 no matter which of my modules was accessing the image table.

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                Stephen Huston

                FM may not be generating the new thumbnails until they are first needed.


                Be sure your Manage > Containers settings for the Thumbnails tab is set to permanent storage so you don't have to go through that process each time you open and close the file.