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    New Win 2008 R2 Server - PHP Dead


      Good day. We're trying to stand up a new Windows 2008 R2 server (FMS 11). We have an existing development box that is functional, to which we're comparing it, and are frankly a bit stumped. The server is reporting an error with PHP Web Publishing (see attached graphic). However, the server console says everything is OK (yeah, I know ... it's the console). I've attached the relevant portion of phptest for reference (but I don't know why it's blowing up).


      All the databases, including the sample, have the PHP extended privilege enabled, and they work fine with the exact same PHP code on the development box. I've double-checked, and the same version of the PHP API and the PHP engine are installed on both boxes. If I point the PHP pages back to the databases on the development box, they run. As soon as I point them to the new box, though, they report an inability to connect. They're exactly the same files - I know, because I copied them over directly.


      What are we missing? Where else should we be looking?



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          This may be a long shot, but I had similar problems last week with 2008 r2 and this is how I fixed it:

          Create a local admin account , and run the FileMaker server service using this new account. Make sure your file permissions for this account are set for the c:\inetpub folder, aswell as the c:\program files\filemaker\filemaker server folder. If it then works, then you'll know that it's a permissions/security issue, and you can then take action accordingly. Windows permissions can do some strange things when you throw FileMaker php into the mix.


          Good luck,

          Regards , powerslave.

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            Thanks. My server folks are scratching around. It appears there's something flaky going on with the PHP installation; after messing with the permissions, the PHP engine is now nonfunctional. It's not parsing the PHP instructions, just echoing them out to the page.


            Never seen this before, and it's odd. The files all appear to be in the correct locations and are the same versions and timestamps as the ones on the functioning server.


            I hate gremlins.    


            Will keep hunting. Any if anyone has any other ideas, please chime in.



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              You may have to do the manual install of FileMaker php as per the instructions supplied by FileMaker to correct this problem. If you do not wish to use the FileMaker supplied php, you can try the Microsoft web platform installer, it's by far the easiest way to get php installed on a server. Once I get to work, I'll dig up the instructions for manual FmiPhp installation. I feel your pain, been there myself.

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                Hey Mike , give this a try to get your PHP working again :


                c:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip


                Try installing that and see if your PHP comes back to life again...

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                  Thanks. Will try it and report back.