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    embossed/engraved in FM 12




      I allways liked to use the effects embossed/engraved for rectangles. I'd like to keep some of them in FM 12. Looks good with to rectangles, one white bottom/right, one coloured up/left or v.v. But it seems one step complicated.


      Is this the way it works now or does anybody know something better?


      I don't want to keep the automatically converted embossing/engraving. It's just grey/white, can only be reproduced by copy/paste and someone suspected it might slow down the Layout.


      Thank you very much


      Christian Bredlow

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          As far as I know, the only way to create an embossed object (not engraved) in FM 12, is to create a button on a layout using the classic theme. But I don't think it's a good idea to put buttons everywhere on the layouts, so I guess you're stuck doing 2 rectangles...

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            Hi Christian


            I am EXTREEEEEEEEEMLY unhappy about the Emboss/Engraved options being removed.  I have solutions... (and know many others) that were built with this design approach heavily integrated.  While converted buttons and fields will keep these intact you no longer have any creational control over these options.  In addition converted tabs that were embossed look like crap.  I do believe that the CSS protocol does have methods of creating these effects, but we do not have any "official" method of editing this data.


            While I understand that there will be many FM developers that will benefit greatly from the Themes.  It is a bit of a cookie-cutter approach,  That would probably be fine for most developers working on client's or personal in-house solutions.  It could be undesirable when building box-style solutions... As it is often beneficial to have a unique look and feel to your product.  There could even be legal implications if solutions were to look and feel very similar.


            While I am very pleased to see the addition of the gradients, transparency and State options...  As well as improvements to the round-cornering.  I strongly feel that it is a big setback to loose Emboss/Engraved, As it was another design style that helps distinguish different developed solutions.  In addition there are an ENORMOUS amount of projects currently in this style.


            Many converted FM11 and earlier solutions could require significant re-work on the layouts to make the interface look and behave right after a FM12 "upgrade"...  The issue is further complicated by "what I feel" is "significantly" reduced productivity in Layout Mode.  I find the guides and grid alignment approach in FM12 to be clumpsy, counter-productive and "downright aggravating" when duplicating and/or moving multiple objects at once.  The fact that the position data no longer returns the position of multiple objects as a group is also a productivity detractor.


            As this is a major revision for FileMaker…  I am hoping that some of these things will be addressed in v2, v3, etc... updates.


            Just my 2 cents worth.



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              Wow, Mike. To begin with, I hadn't even realized the deprication of embossed and engraved formatting until you mentioned it, since the test file I converted maintained the look (which makes me wonder how, since when looking at the Inspector, I don't see where the embossed and engraved "look" are coming from. That's not the first new field formatting behavior in 12 that I can't tell from the Inspector how its being produced. Yes, yes, time to stop poking about and just look for this in the documentation).


              And yes, I agree all the new layout options are a bit distracting — will at least take some getting used to.


              But man, the fact that the Inspector doesn't show the size and position of multiple selected objects is... well, just wrong!

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                My favorite field effect with a white background was engraved.  I am having a hard time reproducing the same look with FM 12.  I have tried trial and error under the "graphic" part of the inspector with showing and not showing lines of the boxes.  No luck yet, I must be missing something.

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                  Thank you all so far. At least I'm quite sure now that I didn't get something wrong before I start rebuilding every single Layout with double number of rectangles.


                  Mike, I actually just found in the CSS-files of the themes things like these:




                      border-top-color: rgba(0%,0%,0%,1);

                      border-right-color: rgba(0%,0%,0%,1);

                      border-bottom-color: rgba(0%,0%,0%,1);

                      border-left-color: rgba(0%,0%,0%,1);

                      border-top-style: solid;

                      border-right-style: solid;

                      border-bottom-style: solid;

                      border-left-style: solid;

                      border-top-width: 1pt;

                      border-right-width: 1pt;

                      border-bottom-width: 1pt;

                      border-left-width: 1pt;



                  Seems to be possible to draw embossing with css. And I have seen the thread here, where developers have started editing the CSS-Files. I don't dare yet. But I can imagine, there is something like an CSS-editor in FM coming. I mean, FM 12 puts the themes or designs or how it is called in english in a central place of the layouts, but doesn't give a tool to edit them. Since the CSS can be edited with any text-editor, maybe it is really the idea to do so. I think I will wait if this becomes an official advice.


                  Thank you and greetings


                  Christian Bredlow

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                    Stephen Huston

                    I also miss engraved settings, but found that filling with a gradient and then adjusting the gradient controls so it fills only a tiny slice at the top recreates some of the engraved look.


                    No, it's not the same, and not as easy, but I figure between real gradients and CSS, engraving will eventually return to my basic skill set. Or maybe I'll learn something better....


                    It's that d**% learning curve thing again...


                    By the way, FMI did caution us that field effects were being deprecated quite some time back.  And now it's happened.