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    Upgraded to FM Sever Advanced


      WE have a telemarketing center and we want to go paperless. We will be importing our databases in, but our problem is that how do we scrub for DNC's each month with out losing the notes?

      This has been fixed.

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          I don't think this is a server question, but more a business logic / process question.


          Scrubbing and parsing is easily done in FileMaker.  Can you describe your data layout?  What data do you have and what needs to come out while preserving historical notes?

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            At this moment in time, the only data that is stored is static information (contact info, addresses, etc).  The only fields that change are the call result field (dropdown menu w/ value list only), the appointment information fields (agent name, date of appt and time of appt) and the last field that does actually have user input is a text field and the contents of that field are replaced each time a new call to that specific person is made.

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              From your name I suspect I'm in the same city as you. I'd be glad to help locally, since your not posting a lot of details.

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                Sorry, I am the IT person at our job. Our new FileMaker person was swamped. I am trying to help out. Before we were printing out scrubbed lists for the tp's to call with. When we import the data in (Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone #, and Notes), we would have to worry about the new National DNC coming out each month. The only data that the DNC file has is phone numbers. I apologize about not responding sooner, our phone system went down. Our office is close to Sugarland