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How can I export a Preview as text with a .kml extension?

Question asked by ottomuller on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by ottomuller

Other IOS apps can import kml files. I have a database with thousands of Placemarks which I can now search with Go. I would like to be able to select a few and output their location, name and description as a kml file. Google Fusion Tables allows me to do this if I have web access, but these placemarks are geology field trip stops, and many are not within cell phone service areas. MaPublisher will import the kml files and display them on maps stored within the iPod.


On my desktop FM I wrote up an XLST to output all the data as a nice, tidy, kml file. But Go has no XML option for output.


So I used the following in a calculation field:


kml ="<Placemark>¶<name>"&name&"</name>¶<description>"&description&"</description>¶"&geometry&"¶</Placemark>"


Adding an appropriate Title Header and Trailing Grand Summary, I can save the Preview as a pdf, open it in Acrobat, extract the text, and save that as a text file. Then if I change the extension to .kml, Google Earth opens it.


Using Go, I can print to a pdf and that file is the same as the one on the desktop. But I can't figure out how to get the text out of it and into a kml file while on the iPod.


My hunch is that Apple is very touchy about letting users change extensions, etc., for security reasons. But if FileMaker were able to output the Preview as text with a .kml extension, this wouldn't be different from some GPS program outputting kml files.


I submitted this as a Feature Request, but thought I'd toss it out in this Forum to see if there are workarounds...