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Send as Snapshot Link - Status Bar Issue

Question asked by EdwardMcPikeJr on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Abingdon

Hi all:


I finally have a situation where I can implement the Send as Snapshot Link script step. I'm going to be sending an email to high-level executives when special approvals are needed for financial transactions. To prevent them from having to go through the main menu, etc, and to save them clicks, I'm using this feature.


The problem I'm running into is with the Status Bar. When non-full-access users log into the solution, the Status Bar is locked off. All navigation, etc is done through scripted buttons. So I get an error when testing the opening of the Snapshot Link which says I have to have at least one window with the status bar unlocked.


How do I avoid this? I don't want to open the Status Bar for everybody. Is there a way I can tell that the solution was opened using the .fpsl attachment?


Thanks in advance!