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    Multiple Portals on IWP layout


      I have a layout in an IWP application that has 3 portals on it. I am having trouble scripting a delete portal row button for the portals.


      What appears to happen is when I am in the first portal, and click on the "Delete" button, the portal row delete's fine.


      When I move to the next portal and add data, then go back to the first portal and click on delete, i get an error message saying that it cannot find the record. It makes sense to me because there is no committ record while the user is moving around the IWP layout. However, I haven't been able to figure out what I need to do to let FileMaker know which portal I am working in and what portal row I'm trying to delete.


      Admittedly, I'm on very little sleep and have little brain power.


      So thanks for any examples and/or help!



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          Stephen Huston

          In Pro with multiple portals, I've had to name the portal objects, so I can script a commit records, then go to the correct portal, then the correct portal row ($row passed as a script variable).


          You may need to pass a combined script variable: portal_name & portal_rowNumber, then parse it into 2 variables in the script, filtering for letters for portal name (don't use numbers in the portal object name), and filtering for numbers for portal row.


          Have not tested this in IWP with multiple portals, but did find that, even in Pro, the lack of an explicit commit records step often left users hanging without the delete portal row button executing. And it gets even harder if the portal is sorted. The commit can then cause the portal row to change, so you need to capture a record ID and then walk the portal until you find the matching record ID in a portal row.

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            Hi Stephen.   I'll try that now.  I'll let you know how I make out.


            Thanks for your response!