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    Create a set of Related Records via script




      just an an introduction, I'm new in the FileMaker world.

      Following Table Structure I wish to implement in FileMaker:



      ID Date Product Template Category (this includes a predefines set of Products, which will be defined on another Form)

      1 01/01/2012 Soft Drinks



      SalesHeaderID Price $ Product (coming from the above selected (Product Template Category)

      1 1.07 Coca-Cola ...

      1 1.05 Fanta ...

      1 1.9 Sprite ...





      ID CategoryName

      1 Soft Drinks



      ProductTemplateCategoryID ProductID ...

      1 Coca-Cola

      1 Fanta

      1 Sprite



      What I want now is to find a way to pre-populate (via script I guess?) the SalesLine Records in accordance to the Product Template Category's Product Mapping (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite...) resulting in three lines in my example.


      Any Ideas how this could be achieved elegantly with FileMaker?

      I'm using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced.


      Many thanks in advance!