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Scrolling portals fields,buttons visible and functional through sliding tab objects in FM Go 12 ??

Question asked by BenGraham on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by BenGraham

Does anyone else have this issue? My FM 11 files are fine in FM Go. I have a sliding tab that hides the left anchored portal on many layouts. When the iPad is horizontal the portal is to the left of the sliding tab panel and is displayed. In FM Go 12 when the iPad is moved to vertical position the tab panel slides left and coverst the portal...However the text and buttons in the scrolling portal show through the tab panel in a ghost like fashion. The portals are functional, but are mixed in with what is on the tab panel. Is there a way to keep the scroll bar on the portal and not have it display through the tab panel the way it works in FM Go 11?


VIDEO CLIP HAS BEEN REPLACED. In case you tried to view before.




View video here to see what is going on - also shows difference between Go 11 and Go 12 as well as fields and buttons that do not display through tab panel are still accessible through the tab object!




Original video posted only show portals through tab object on Go 12: