FM 12 Printing in a multi-platform environment

Discussion created by thomas_staehli on Apr 11, 2012

I've just modified a few documents that I had in a filemaker solution to try to make a document look exactly the same on PC and on mac. Until now, I always had troubles with this in my company as half is working on mac and half on PC, and a lot of documents were looking different on each platform.


So what I did with FM 12 is to change the line spacing from 1 line to 13 points (that's approximately 1 line spacing on windows). And now my document prints EXACTLY the same way on Mac and PC. This is really great!! Thanks filemaker for replacing pixels with points, I just love it!


The only thing that still doesn't work, is what I call the "double style" issue on mac. As filemaker still sees the font styles as different fonts, when you choose a bold style or an italic style, it seems to double it. I really hoped they would fix it in 12 but they still haven't :-(


I guess the dream I had last night about being able to use the same layouts for both platforms is still not coming true.... almost... just one style away from reality