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    FMPA 12 ScriptDebugger Slow


      This is just a general comment.


      I have read the long discussion about FMPA 12 being slow when executing. I haven't noticed it being particularly slow in my application BUT I have found that the script debugger is virtually useless, it is so slow. I have many long scripts in my application.


      I am having to go back to FMPA 10 for development. The debugger works quickly there. I cannot develop with a slow debugger. It seems to stop and think with every script step for at least 1 or 2 secs. Impossible.



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          For whatever it's worth, Sue, I'm not noticing any speed issues with the debugger. I just opened 3 different dbs upgraded to FMP 12 and stepped through some scripts with the debugger and got snappy performance. The only delays I experienced were when it switched to a layout that had some summary fields it needed to calculate, but even those happened in an expected amount of time.


          Gordon Shewach

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            In FM 11,  on a very complex file (2000+ TOs,  ~800 layouts, 1000's of fields, etc.),  I notice that when the Data Viewer is open, especially in a complex script that references a lot of fields and variables, the script debugger is VERY sluggish.  But, as soon as I close the Data Viewer, it's zippy again.  Do you have the viewer open?


            I haven't tried it on 12 yet, curious if it's the same kind of deal.



            Christopher Bailey


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              Thanks, Christopher.  I did have the data viewer open.  Fancy that!  When I closed the Data Viewer - back to normal speed.  Whew!  Perhaps I will convert over to 12 after all. 


              Sue Saunders

              Bardak Management Services

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                Hi there,


                I confirm : dataviewer is slowing things down.


                I already had this issue with v11 : every script step took ~2-3 secs with opened dataviewer, compared to v9 (I skipped v10) where it was instantaneous (on same file, same script)


                But now, in v12, it takes up to 12 secs between script steps !

                (even on a local file, that is : not served)


                I therefore agree to your terms of "virtually useless" when also using dataviewer...


                And it's such a hassle to open it only shortly to see some values, then close it again...

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                  I agree with this.  Do the guru's a FileMaker note this complaint?  Sue

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                    i can confirm this - slow in 11 and 12 even slower - without the data viewer open the debugger makes only 50 % sense.


                    Good luck FMI fixing this.

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                      FM12v2 updater doesn't fix it. i have even one script where the script debugger takes between 10-30 min to single-step thru with data viewer open.

                      in fm11 same script works ok - no delay.

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                        FileKraft....I really want to see that file.  I've never shown a slow down with the script debugger...even with my most complex scripts, data-entanglement.


                        The only places I see any slow down are those layouts that I have foolishly included a bunch of Auto-enter calcs that are interdependent.

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                          consider yourself lucky Josh.

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                            Josh, is your data viewer open at the same time?  That seems to be the piece that makes it slow.  I've heard other developers report FM12 solutions crashing if opened while data viewer is open, otherwise they open fine.

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                              I have, but only on layouts with too many fields. That's for the Data Viewer - not the Script Debugger, btw. When DV tries to supply all possible fields and contents, it's like a web page with too much content: it gets there, but slower.



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                                Hmmm...I'd still like to tear apart the file and see if I can identify what is causing FM to bog down like that.  It's a weird thing...and I hate unsolved mysteries.  I've tried to replicate the problem, but have been unsuccessful.  So it's either you are using some feature ( or combination of features ) that is tripping up FM...or it's an OS/configuration thing.


                                The only way to test that is to put the file in a different environment...with a different pair of eyes.  If you are willing.  I know I've uncovered some bugs in FM by having someone else test the file, and that let me temporarily change how I was doing something to improve performance.  Regardless of whether I think FMI should fix it...at least my solution is bug free.

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                                  That's been my experience too, iBev.  And made 10x worse by my web of auto-enter calcs on that table I created when I first started with FM. ( the things we do when we are learning...shameful!!! )

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                                    well it works perfectly in fm11 and without the debugger it works perfectly in fm12 - but the debugger with data viewer is unusable because it takes 10-30 min to single-step .. it also works fine with fm12 and the debugger and data viewer on if you can afford to wait 10 days to single step thru the script ..


                                    any questions - so where should i have screwed up here?

                                    (and yes the debugger fm11 no issues same script)

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