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perfect performance, small business scenario FMS 11 hardware

Question asked by cateringtraveller on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by taylorsharpe

Hi everyone,


for weeks I spent a fair bit of optimizing some 10 files that are based on the separation model

and that I progressively worked on for four years in order to tweak their performance.


Now I would like to tweak the hardware side and would appreciate your opinion of the optimal hardware setup:


current setup:

10 files solution

accessed by <10 clients on LAN (Gigabit)

maximum 4 clients loggin in from a fast internet connection ( 50.000 Kbit up and 5000 Kbit down) without VPN

all clients on macs

all on FM11

FMS11 currently on Windows 2003 server Dual Core 1,8GHz 4GB Ram (but the server also used for filesharing)

4Mbit SDSL line


My idea was to move to a current

- Mac Mini server Lion and 8 GB Ram

- move internet to 80.000 Kbit up 6000 Kbit down


Would this turn into a considerable speed increase (especially for the Internet Clients)?

Are the 8GB Ram necessary- do they help or are they possibly not used?


On a side note:

I dont want to switch to 12 yet (speed issues).

Since we are using Supercontainer, would there also be a way to integrate a good VPN hardware router (Cisco?)

to start using the scenario via vpn possibly (or would that take all the wind out of the connection)?


Thanks for your ideas!