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Viewing PDF on iPad in FMGo 12

Question asked by FrankPottner on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by jgalt

I have a file in FMServer that has a container field (MyContainer) with secure storage containing multi-page PDFs.

That file also has an unstored calculated container field (MyContainerCalc) wich equals MyContainer.


On the iPad I want to display MyContainerCalc on about half the screen and allow the user to scroll the PDF on the screen.

Is that possible in the container field?

If not, can I access the PDF using a URL and a web viewer; what's the URL to a secured storage file hosted by FMServer?



Alternatively, is it possible to click on a button in the iPad and have it open the PDF using the iPads built in viewer?

I can click into the container and wait for the "Actions" menu to appear and then click "View" but I would like to do this with 1 click.