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    Multiple selection


      In layout design with FM12 when I select more elements which are not contiguos I get very confused trying to understand who is selected and who's not

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          There is a little coloured border around the selected objects, allowing to understand which have been selected.

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            thanks, you're right, even if I feel it should be more evident.


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              Also if you hold down the command key (on Mac) when selecting objects, you can do selection the 'old' way.

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                Actually, the "current" FM12 method is the "really old" way.

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                  What I find incredibly annoying is that the size shown in the Inspector is no longer the total size of all selected objects. Not sure how to get around this change, except to pull up a calculator and do math.

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                    This is a really big issue for me as well.  I am used to being able to select multiple objects and see the top and left position in the inspector (which I use for placement after copy/paste)... Not in FM12... The Guides are of no help in this area... As in many complex layouts they would just be a mess.  In addition the dynamic guides that show when moving objects are totally useless whe moving multiple objects and almost as useless when moving single objects... As they seem to have a mind of their own, in when & where they show alignment.


                    I really hope FM puts this back in place with a revision update.

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                      One way to workaround this is to (temporarily) group the selected objects - then the inspector shows the position and size of the group





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                        Agreed.  Accustomed to grabbing multiple items and tying in the position of the top left corner.  This new way is EXTREMELY tedious and time consuming.

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                          And also finding it difficult to select layered items.  For example a portal element with a header, embedded in a rectangle.  Depending on how it's layered I find myself having to relocate parts in order to select a single item.  In the past one could draw a selection rectangle around a smaller element, and only items fully within the rectangle would be selected.  Now, everything adjacent is selected too.


                          How is this an improvement?

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                            David may not be in Command,


                            To get the 'old' behavior use Command-Left click to select only items within the Cursor area. The cursor area will be slightly grey instead of clear.

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                              This is helpful!  It still doesn't help getting to individual items in a group (say a portal field when the portal is sitting inside of a rectangle), but it helps!  Thanks!

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                                I want to add my voice to the request to give back the position information for items in a multiple selection - when the items do not all have the same top, bottom, left or right edges.


                                What used to take 5 steps in FM 11, takes triple the number in FM 12.


                                Very frustrating!


                                In FileMaker 11 this took 5 steps:


                                1. Select multiple items.
                                2. Note top and left position.
                                3. Switch layouts.
                                4. Paste items.
                                5. Use Inspector to enter top and left positions.


                                In FileMaker 11, more than TRIPLE the steps.


                                1. Click on leftmost item.
                                2. Note left position.
                                3. Click on topmost item.
                                4. Note top position.
                                5. Select multiple items.
                                6. Switch layouts.
                                7. Paste items.
                                8. Select only the leftmost item to note current position.
                                9. Select multiple items
                                10. Use arrows to nudge into position.
                                11. Deselect multiple items and select only left most item to verify position.
                                12. Repeat as needed until left position is correct.
                                13. Select only the topmost item to note current position
                                14. Select multiple items
                                15. Use arrows to nudge into position.
                                16. Repeat at needed until top position is correct.




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                                  I was amazed to find the same behavior of the Position dialog in Inspector with multiple selections.  If I happen to type a number in the Position box when there is a dash, all objects jump to that position.


                                  This would seem to be a bug as Help indicates the position should be for that edge of the selection.


                                  The workaround appears to be to Group the objects first.  Then the Position works just fine.

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                                    Agreed. Seems like this would rarely be the preferred goal, and it can be achieved using the Align commands. Also think that we should see positions of the selections in the inspector, not dashes.




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