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    FM 12 Advanced Crash and other behavior issues


      I was working on a converted (FM11 to FM12 ) file opening a long report, 151 pages. At the script step Go to record/page[last] after a long delay FileMaker crashed and generated a the attached crash report. This happened on a Mac Book Pro 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 Gbytes 1067 MHz DDR3 ram running OS X 10.6.8 FileMaker is FMPA 12.0v1 connected to FMS 12 Advaced


      Has anyone else had this type of problem?


      Comparing process time and user experience between the FM11 version and the FM12 version, the FM 11 version completes this step in a few seconds, it does put up a spinning ball while it is working on this step. In FM12 it seems to a couple of minutes to complete this script step. During this period it is as if FileMaker has hung. You can't access any menus, or start the debugger. There isn't a spinning ball or progress bar that would indicate the application is still working. With the exception of the crash, wait long enough and the script step completes and then everything runs normally.


      If I have the Activity monitor running, CPU activity is almost at max on 1 CPU and up somewhat on the other.



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          Since you see a less severe delay on FM11, I would ask - what's on the last page, Bruce?  Graphics? Any unstored calcs or summary totals?  Specific records?  (what happens if you run the report with fewer pages?)  Have you tried removing stuff on the last page and still get the delay or crash?


          Could you use display variables instead of the unstored calc (assuming there is one?).  Are you collecting page numbers?  Are you in preview mode when you go to the last page or browse mode? 


          Many questions...  Need more info...



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            I was just looking at that.  This report has a fair number of stored calculations.  No Unstored calcs or summary fields.    The report has two subsummary sections, a body and a grand summary section.  The sections let me display information from different levels in the data base.   Not really sure why it takes so long to go to the last page,  since all of the data has been loaded and sorted before I attempt to go to the last page.  Once it gets there the first time,  I can go from first to last or page up, page down instantly.  It is jus the first time that takes so long.



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              My guess is that this is related to the speed issues in FM12 reported elsewhere.  You are seeing a slowdown in 11 while the data is rendered, and 12 renders more slowly - remember your file size is likely larger, so maybe you are overwhelming the system - not excusable, but an idea.  I am no good at reading crash reports - maybe someone better can take a look and give you more info.


              But this is a long report ( and I usually try to talk my clients out of these things, since in my experience NO ONE reads 150 pages - so I do a summary report and let them click into a detail view of sections to view or print if they really want to.) so I think there may be some connection to the speed problem here.


              I would try some things before giving up -  first, if you haven't already, you might try save as compressed on the 12 file.  Run recover on a backup and see if you see anything in the recover log related to those specific layouts or fields/tables.  I had one layout that I had to delete and recreate to clear recover.


              Then I would try modifying the report - what happens if you delete the body part and only show the subsummary data?  What happens if you delete the grand summary section only?  the other summary sections??  That may help to isolate the source of the problem.


              And depending on what you find and whether you can recreate the problem - post it as a bug report with all the info you will get...  ;-)



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                Hi Karen,


                I found an interesting result which I will post on the  FM 12 is Slow discussion.  I added timing to the script to determine how long it takes to get to the last page and then changed the method to be a loop goto next page, exit after last.  When I do it as a single go to record/page[last] it takes 150 seconds to complete the script step.  When I put in a loop go to record/page[next ; exit after last] it takes 59 seconds to get to the last page.  You also get to see it count up the page it is on and a spinning ball while it completes the process.


                I agree with you on the report.  It was originally developed for my use to be sure the system was doing what it should.  I don't think the client will us it more then once.  I have other reports that summarise the information which are much more useful to the client.


                I'll play with the report as you suggest tomorrow and see if that make a difference.




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                  Hi Bruce: Just out of curiosity, did you update your themes in this database after conversion, or did you just convert and go, sticking with the Classic theme applied during conversion? Thanks for the info.