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    Records in Portal


      I'm setting a portal to show related records from another table. The issue is that it always shows n+1 records, being the last one an empty one, that if clicked on it creates a new record on that table. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

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          The empty row is what happens when you have "allow creation of related records" turned on in the relationship definition.

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            Kinda.  This is a feature - so that the user can see that there is a row available to enter data.  I also find it annoying and ugly, but the most common work around is to use scripted portal adds.  I don't like that either, because the user can't tab to a new row and enter data when a scripted add record isn't really needed.


            So, I use conditional formatting to "hide" the missing row - I turn off "show field frames when records are active " remove borders from fields, and either use no fill, or a highlight color for fields that have data or are active fields.  If the related record doesn't exist, then I the field blends in with the background.  I also use a text box with conditional fill to hide other elements such as row delete buttons  or labels.


            I also add an instruction "Click here to add new" behind the field, then use conditional formatting to fill the field when it has data - that hides the instruction.  Attached is a pic of what the end result looks like, in a simple one-field portal.


            This also has the advantage of making things more intuitive for the user - so there is no delete button showing when there is no record to delete...



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              Stephen Huston

              And this option is only needed if you intend to use the portal relationship to create via portals. If the relationship is being established other than via portal-creation, you can turn off that option without any loss of functionality.

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