Change in drop down behavior in FM 12

Discussion created by trlewis3 on Apr 12, 2012

In FileMaker 11, I used a design pattern for drop down lists that displayed data from a second field. It consisted of 3 layout objects.

1. A 1 px by 1px field that held the foreign key from the drop down list. It was given a object name

2. A field that displayed the description field from the drop down.

3. A button behind the description field that ran a script using Go To Object that use the object name of the 1 px by 1px field


This look great in FM 11. Clicking on the button, the only thing the use sees is the drop down list.


In FM 12, the 1 px by 1 px field is change to 1pt by 1pt and now displays a long black line when the script is executed. I determined that this was due to text rapping because the contents of the field was more than 1 pt long. So I change the length of the field to 90pt. Now the foreign key stored is visible (not what I want). Not sure if this is a bug or due the change from px to pt.


If someone has a solution or better design pattern, I'd love to hear about it.