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Some Raw Layout Mode Speed Data

Discussion created by Charlie Bailey on Apr 12, 2012
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While working in layout mode in FMPA 12.0v1, I have noticed a general trend where copy/paste operations get progressively slower as the total object count on the layout increases. I have done tests in several different environments including client/server (LAN), local files, and with and without an SSD drive, and the trends that I present here are apparent in all scenarios. The numbers below come from a test using a local file on a MacBook Air, 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB RAM, FMPA 12.0v1, OSX 10.7.3. The test involves creating a number of simple graphic objects (natively drawn squares in this case) and duplicating them in succession using copy/paste. Starting with a single square, duplicating until you have ten squares, grouping these, and then duplicating until you have 100, grouping, duplicating, etc... until you have 100,000 object on the screen. The time for the paste operation isn't measurable (at least not with my iPhone timer app) until I get to about 1,000 objects. From there, the paste operations get progressively longer as more objects are added to the layout.


OperationTime (sec)Total Objects on Layout (at end of paste)
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects3.21,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects3.62,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects3.83,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects4.14,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects4.25,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects4.66,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects4.97,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects5.28,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects5.69,000
Paste 1,000 (grouped) objects5.810,000


OperationTime (sec)
Total Objects on Layout (at end of paste)
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects29.810,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects33.320,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects36.830,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects42.440,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects46.250,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects51.460,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects55.470,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects62.480,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects70.890,000
Paste 10,000 (grouped) objects81.6100,000


OperationTime (sec)Total Objects on Layout (at end of paste)
Paste 1 object3.210,001
Paste 1 object3.010,002
Paste 1 object3.010,003
Paste 1 object3.010,004
Paste 1 object3.010,005
Paste 1 object3.210,006


OperationTime (sec)Total Objects on Layout (at end of paste)
Paste 1 object66.2*100,001
Paste 1 object70.1*100,001 (repeat of previous test)
Paste 1 object50.7100,002
Paste 1 object51.6100,002 (repeat of previous test)
Paste 1 object51.1100,003
Paste 1 object51.1100,003 (repeat of previous test)
Paste 1 object50.8100,004
Paste 1 object50.8100,005

*Not sure what's going on with these numbers, they're clearly very different from the subsequent tests.


OperationTime (sec)Total Objects on Layout (at end of paste)
Paste 1 object01
Paste 100 objects0.5100
Paste 1,000 objects3.31,000
Paste 3,000 objects8.93,000
Paste 6,000 objects17.96,000
Paste 10,000 objects29.810,000


Destination Layout Object Count
Browse Mode Nav (sec)
Layout Mode Nav (sec)Browse Mode to Layout Mode Switch (sec)


Arguably, some of my test scenarios are a little ridiculous as I can't imagine needing to put 100,000 objects, or even 10,000 objects on a layout (though I admit to having created layouts with 1,000+ objects at one point or another). I just needed to get the times into a range that was measurable with my iPhone stopwatch.


Almost all of these tests were also performed using FMPA v11.0v4 (FMPA11 appears to have a limit of 26,817 layout objects which no doubt has been reported before - so I was unable to test layouts with more than 26,817 objects in FMPA 11.0v4). I don't present those numbers here because in all cases, the paste operation in FMPA 11.0v4 was so fast as to be unmeasurable with my timer. So clearly, there is something very different at work with FMPA 12.0v1.


A general sense of layout mode sluggishness was apparent on layouts with 3,000 or more objects. Operations such as object drags, object draws, and multiple object selection all were noticably slower than on layouts with 1,000 or fewer objects. Layouts with 10,000 objects were usable but very slow to respond to the above operations. Layout mode operations on the 100,000 object layout were painfully slow.


Of note - FMPA 12.0v1 never crashed during any of these tests.


I'm not sure how much this data will be useful in real world scenarios, but at least we have some quantitative data to work with. My test files are attached.



Charlie Bailey