What's with ver 12 UI?

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Apr 12, 2012
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Is anybody else having as much trouble with the UI in layout mode as I am? Having to click two or three times on things to get a context sensitve menu to pop up? Having to wait up to 2 seconds for controls to respond? Not being sure whether text objects are selected (and the bizzarre behavior when editing them changes their length)? Constantly selecting things you don't intend to?


Here's one that really threw me for a loop: I used to be able select a group of objects, look at the Top and Right positions in the Inspector window, copy the objects, move to a new layout, paste the objects and get them into exactly the same postion on the new layout. Here's what happens in ver 12. It is no longer possible to use pixels as an increment of measurement (disappointing, but not critical -- points should suffice -- although I have been using pixels for about a decade now and have a pretty good feel for judging sizes by them). When I select three objects that are horizontally aligned, the position of the uppermost, rightmost object (which I used to use for positioning) disappears. It forces me to select the just the first object, to get the position, then select all three. After copying and pasting it to the new layout, it doesn't position them in the same place where they were on the original (standard FMP behavior, though I have never like it). But, in ver 12, if I set the top and right position for the first object, it places ALL the objects in that spot. So I have to separate them, then go back and measure each one, or guess about where they should be. If I try to use the new guidelines feature, by dragging the lines on the first layout, they are gone when I get to the second one. This is one of the most common tasks in graphics programs -- to make sure that objects on one page match up with others on the next -- of course, the guidelines need to be persistant from layout to layout, unless you intentionally override that. And if you try to set each pair of guidelines manually for every layout, it's hard to get them to line up with the ruler unless you are using very large increments.



This is a very common task that I do all the time, every day and now it takes about 100% longer, just because FM changed long established behavior and offered no way to override it. That's as good a receipe as I know to discourage loyal customers and force them to be less productive from day one. Making similar layouts is something I do all the time. Tab controls, as far as I know, still don't allow you to bind each tab to a different table, so we have to simulate that behavior. (I know, you can avoid all this buy simply copying a layout, but that assumes you have finished and set all the elements on the one which will serve as the template for all the others. Development in the real world rarely goes that way. You inevitably end up jumping around, because clients change their minds, things you plan (no matter how much planning you do) sometimes work diffrent in practice, and, heck, flexibilty is supposed to be one of the reasons we choose FileMaker.


Again, I have to wonder what they were thinking, and why something like this wasn't rejected at the design state, if not in testing. It seems more and more like we have an Edsel here, rather than the Ferrari we were promnised and expected.