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Using Table Occurances with Global Options vs. Value List?

Question asked by inov8pro on Apr 12, 2012

I'm fairly new to database design and I am trying to understand some of the fundamentals. I'm really trying to understand the FMP11 "Event Management" solution. It uses a lot of Table Occurances/TOs.


Before getting to the details below, I'll state my main questions.


Could the "Guest Status" solution used below by the FMP11 "Event Management" sample be solved using a Value List instead of Multiple Global fields in the Parent Table and Mutiple Child Table TOs. For example: Could the Parent Table "Events" have one field "GuestStatus" with a Value List containing: Attending, Invited, MaybeAttending, NoResponse, NotAttending and still perform the same functions and allow for the same Calculation(see below) results to be acheived? If both solutions are possible what are the advantages or disadvantages to one over the other?


Event Management - Starter Solution


In the Parent Table "Events" it has the following fields with the "Global, Auto-enter Data" options selected. So each Field can only have 1 value.


  • GuestStatus_Attending
  • GuestStatus_Invited
  • GuestStatus_MaybeAttending
  • GuestStatus_NoRepsonse
  • GuestStatus_NotAttending


The Child Table "Events_Guests" has a TO for each of the above fields. I'm guessing that this was designed this way to allow for the Calculation fields in the Parent Table "Events" to work:


  • Guests_Actual
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests::kf_ID_Contact)
  • Guests_Attending
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests_Attending::kf_ID_Contact)
  • Guests_Invited
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests_Invited::kf_ID_Contact)
  • Guests_MaybeAttending
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests_MaybeAttending::kf_ID_Contact)
  • Guests_NoResponse
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests_NoResponse::kf_ID_Contact)
  • Guests_Response
    • Unstored, from Events, = Count(Events_EventGuests_Response::kf_ID_Contact)


Thanks for any help,