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    Idle limit for FM GO 11


      I have been trying to find the idle limit for FM GO 11. I may have missed it in researching the available material. I have created a Customer Comment Card solutioon that is used on an iPAD in the restaurant and may experience idle time between viviting customers. I know there is info concerning FM GO 12 on this subject and may be another reasn to reccommend an upgrade.





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          There are a couple of different "idle limits". One is the time to screen lock or sleep on the iPad -- this is indeendent of FMP. Another is the idle time in the privilege set in the FMP database itself.


          My guess is that the device sleep/lock is the one you need to look at.


          There is an extended privilege that allows auto-login from an iOS device, this will save having to re-authenticate each time the device is unlocked.

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            Thanks Vaughan,


            I am aware of the sleep / lock on the iPAD and it will be set to "never".


            I will research futher the privilege set and extended privilege.  Since the dvice will not be going asleep I think I'll concentrate on the privilege set in the FMP database.