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    can I update FMP 11 advanced to 12 pro?


      Hi, stupidly when I bought FMP 11 advanced but didn't pony up for pro. Can I just update straight to 12 pro?


      I am a hoby developer with mainly personal projects (and an new baby) and couldn't justify a full new purchase and am keen to get pro



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          Judging from the obvious pages on the FileMaker store, you cannot upgrade from FileMaker Pro Advanced to a later non-Advanced version of FileMaker Pro.


          See FileMaker Pro in the online store, select the Upgrade option, and note that it doesn't list "FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced" (or any other version) as a qualifying product.


          The other way around is possible - you can upgrade from Pro to Pro Advanced (again, select the Upgrade option).


          You can of course upgrade from Pro Advanced to a later version of Pro Advanced.


          At this point you have at least these choices:


          (a) Buy FileMaker Pro 12 at full price (US$299). This will give you separate licences of FMP11A and FMP12, so you can install and run both at the same time.


          (b) Pay for the upgrade to FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced (also US$299). This will replace your existing licence, allowing you to install either FMP11A or FMP12A, but not both at the same time.


          (c) Sell your FMP11A on the second hand market, and buy a new copy of FileMaker Pro 12. You might even get a little money back. Note that if selling a FileMaker product, you need to get a licence transfer form from the FileMaker web site, and send the form to FileMaker Inc. (I'd have to go hunting for a link.)


          (d) Contact FileMaker customer support and see if they can offer you any other options. For example, they might be willing to "downgrade" your Pro 11 Advanced to plain Pro 11 (issuing you a new licence key) for a small fee, and then you can pay US$179 to upgrade to Pro 12.

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            you can actually install and run both FMPA11 and FMPA12 at the same time with an upgrade. Works for me on mac and PC. When you upgrade, it doesn't remove the old version.

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              Thomas Staehli wrote:


              you can actually install and run both FMPA11 and FMPA12 at the same time with an upgrade.

              Yes, you can (technically), but the licence agreement doesn't allow it. See sections 1.a and 1.i in particular.


              I've just had a discussion about this with FileMaker licensing people, as I am in the process of upgrading from 10 Advanced (single licence retail copy, upgraded through many versions originally from FileMaker Pro 3).


              I bought 12 Advanced as an upgrade, but wanted 11 Advanced for one project where others involved are using 11, and they won't be upgrading to 12 for a while. I'm getting a downgrade licence key and they clearly stated that it is not permitted to have more than one version installed at the same time, because the upgrade licence does not allow both versions to be used simultaneously (downgrading works on the same basis). To comply with the licence, I'll have to uninstall 12 Advanced (and 10 Advanced) after installing 11 Advanced. If I subsequently stop using 11 Advanced, I can install 12 Advanced again, then delete 11 Advanced.


              The first person I spoke to also said that they are relaxed about having both the old and new versions installed on a temporary basis during a transition to a new version, but you aren't supposed to keep them both installed on a long term basis.


              If you have a long term need for running both versions 11 and 12 (e.g. supporting two groups of customers), FileMaker Inc thinks you should have two separate full licences (or two seats under a volume licence).


              Clause 1.d in the licence agreement allows installing a second copy on a home or portable computer, so under that clause you could probably argue that you could have FMP11A installed on one computer and FMP12A on a different computer under the same original single licence, as long as they are not running at the same time. This wouldn't extend to having both Mac and Windows installations of each version, since Mac and Windows would already count as two installations.

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                Thanks for the info, didn't know that.