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    Is there a way of importing and exporting layouts from one DB to another?


      It seems to me that this is not an option, but I can't believe that something so helpful has been left out of the product?


      I have read most of the filemaker training series, I have created a couple of small databases, now I want to tackle something more ambitious.


      A lot of the "starter solutions" in FMP12 seem to have parts of the "uber-solution" that I want, but I don't want to have to pick a single starter solution, and then manually add any layout that's missing.


      what I would like to do is open a starter solution, such as "customers", and then add in some of the layouts from invoicing, project management, document tracking etc that are already created so that I don't have to do everything from scratch.


      Obviously, I expect that on import, a layout might have fields that were unable to be referenced, missing pictures, missing links, missing scripts etc, but it would be really awesome to even just be able to import all the shapes and buttons etc, and then wire this up to the relavant tables (which may have to be manually created etc).


      Can someone help?

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          There is no easy automated way to "import" layouts from another file, it requires some assembly. However copy and paste can be used to save re-creating everythng. Just be aware that complex layouts with fields and buttons with scripts need some preparation for everything to work as expected.


          For instance, if the layout's TO is named "Contacts" in the original file and "Contact" in the new file, then the field objects will be <missing> after they are pasted. Same for the name of the fields: FMP matches the exact names so if they are different there is no match. Similarly buttons will lose their scripts if their names are not correct or they don't exist, so the ORDER that things are moved between the old and new files is important.


          Generally the order for copying and pasting is:


          External Plug-ins

          Custom Functions

          Tables and fields

          Relationships (TOs for the internal and external tables)

          Layouts (just default layouts with the correct names is OK)

          Value Lists


          Layout objects

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            Clip manager at www.myfmbutler.com is a wonderful tool that can help with this. I'm one of their customers and i would never leave home without it