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took too big a bite

Question asked by ahagen1016 on Apr 12, 2012
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I am very new to FMPro12, but used FileMaker at a job 10 years ago, so I thought I would know more than I seem to know. Please point me to the correct site where I can post questions when I run into trouble. Most of my problems are in calculations, and I seem totally inept at scripts. I have two data collection tasks at my school, so I thought I would use FMPro to build the database (after unsuccessfully trying to learn Microsoft Access). For each, I have created fields and layouts, but now can't get reports to run properly. For one I have separate tables as it made sense to me, but not figuring out how to make the relationships happen.

I purchased Filemaker Pro for Dummies and Filemaker--the Missing Files. There is only so much I can learn from these books and their samples that aren't quite the same as what I am trying to do. I have put in a call to a local consutant, but wanted to learn as much as possible before meeting so I maximize my time. I appreciate anyone willing to direct me to the right forum or site. Thank you.