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    Send Mail Problem


      Hey all.

      I'm suddenly getting an error message when I try to use the Send Mail Script Step on FM 11. See the attached picture.

      It says that some of the files needed are either damaged or aren't installed. It wants me to run the installer.


      What's wrong? I was using this script step just 4 weeks ago. Why suddenly is it unable to work?


      The script involves saving a pdf to the client's desktop then emailing that pdf to the teachers.

      I wondered if it was a path problem (i'm still figureing those out) but when I created a send mail script with just my email and 'test' in the subject, it failed again, showing me the same message.


      What do you make of this?



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          The files may be damaged, as the message states.  This can happen lots of ways - could be a corrupt preference, could be another application install.


          Have you loaded ANY software updates, etc. in the last 4 weeks?  had a crash of your computer? etc?


          So - many things can corrupt a file - hard to tell exactly why it stopped working.  Have you tested the script on another computer?  That may tell you if its a problem with the script or with the computer.  My guess is that it will work on a different computer, so it's not a script problem.


          If it's the computer/install - as you are on a Mac - you can try a few things -


          Use Disk Utility to repair permissions and verify the disk. 

          Then uninstall and reinstall FM11 on that machine.

          Uninstall is just a delete of the application folder (be sure to back up any plug-ins first) and be sure to delete the preference files from the system folder (if you are on Lion, those may be hidden in your personal user Library - hold down the option key and choose Go menu in the Finder, and you will see an option for Library - look for com.filemaker.something in the preferences folder.).


          Reinstall and test again.  Let us know what works.


          warm regards,


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            Thanks Karen, once again.

            I tried it on other computers and its my computer that it breaks down on. I'll follow your suggestions.